I have a reservation for BBB in MK but trying to switch things around. No other times are available in the park during our trip but I can get BBB at DS at a convenient time on a different day.

How do the experiences compare for BBB at the two locations? It feels… Disney-y to do it in MK but some reviews sound like DS is actually nicer due to the larger space. I apologize if this has been asked before - I couldn’t find it in the forum.

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Just one opinion - but we loved the experience at disney springs! I have read that it can be less crowded, and we really enjoyed going to the disney springs photo studio afterwards - just a short walk near Ghiradelli’s (if memory serves). They did take some photos during and right after at the boutique but I wouldn’t give up this option for anything. I am not sure if MK has that or not (I was not able to find anything about it) – so we booked in DS again just because of that photo studio. Those pictures were some of my favorite from our entire trip!

We had a great experience at DS. I have not done bbb at the castle so cannot compare but we really enjoyed the experience at DS site.

We did BBB at the MK over the springs solely because it was going to be a pain to get down the DS one to have it done and get back to the park. I didn’t really want to take a 4 year old shopping with a $200+ dollar make over.

The BBB in MK was beautiful being in the castle and we really enjoyed it, and being right close to the princess meet and greet made it wonderful for her experience (all fast passes for the rest of the day were character meets)

(Also yes, there is a photographer that takes photos with the during and after portions of the make over, we didn’t get any before shots though, I would have liked that)

The photos area in the MK park for BBB was not as good as the photos section I’ve seen with the DS BBB. The photo area seemed a bit cheap in MK where as the DS one had a giant Cinderella carriage (from what I’ve seen) that would take up the entirety of the photos background. Our photos had the edge of the screen in them and didn’t quite come out as nice as I would have liked BUT the ability to easily get a multitude of princess photos after more than made up for it.

On additional thought – we were worried about the trip to DS as well, it does take some time to get there and back!! The pictures won out – they have the carriage pictures at DS BBB as well – and those were quite lame.

Here is a link to the seperate photo studio I mentioned. We did not get a book or anything like that – just used our regular memory maker!

That’s really cool!