BBB Experience with the Knight Package

Hi! Has anyone done the Knight package at the MK BBB? My son has started to ask about going inside the castle and I’m not really willing to do CRT right now but he loves nail polish and glitter so I thought the Knight package might be fun for him and it sounds quick enough for only $20! He has a mop of curly hair so I’m not sure what they would do with that, but he isn’t picky. None of the “boy” packages contain nail polish, so I’m wondering if anyone knows if that could be added ala carte? Would love to see any pics if anyone has done this! Thanks!

I would try calling the BBB res number and asking. I would guess that there is a way to do it … but with anything Disney, there is always a price!

I bet they can absolutely do nail polish! It’s not like you’re requesting a dragon scale or something weird…

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My son did it a long time ago. It was cute

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