BBB - Evie?

This is a very specific question. We were shopping for Halloween costumes and my daughter somas Evie from Descendants and wants to wear that for our upcoming trip. First, I told her she’ll roast in June but she can change. W Plan is to do BBB the same day we do Storybook Dinong so it’s perfect. My question is the hair. You can get a blue wig but no point if she’s getting her done there. I know they have some extensions. Hopefully blue ones. Does anyone know what they can do in terms of Evie’s hair?

I can’t answer your BBB specific question but wanted to bump you back up the thread in case anyone know directly, and give a little input based on my experience.

My DD didn’t do BBB, when she dressed up as Evie, but we made a an appointment for the Character Couture. I brought my own blue hair spray (chalk spray) and added that myself, so you always have that option.

But from other things I"ve seen, it looks like they should have blue hair extensions at BBB. Maybe you should try to call and ask someone about how customized they can make BBB.

Good luck! Here was my DD’s costume:

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Thanks for the tips. I don’t see CC currently offered. I mentioned extensions to her and she wasn’t thrilled. She want a the wig which I can bring but then what’s the point of going to BBB? I need to talk to her and convince her. Or contact BBB.

I managed to talk mine into extensions by showing her a multipack from Amazon with 50 different colors. So instead of a single day, we had every day with colors.

I already showed her extensions and she want impressed. She wants the hair all blue. Sigh.

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I know they scaled back CC even befor the pandemic to just the GF - which is a good thing because I think quality consistency was an issue at other places. Too bad they haven’t brought it back there.

Maybe your DD would accept one of the chalk based hair sprays? The new ones are very vibrant. To enhance any extensions? Evie’s hair varies a lot in the movies as to how blue it is.

I would definitely try to talk to someone even though I don’t have a lead on a number for you. The last thing you want is to go to BBB and have nothing she is interested in :pensive: