Bay Lake Tower

Does anyone know which rooms/floors have already been refurbished within the past year at Bay Lake Tower?

The only info I could find on this indicates that they planned to start refurb this past week.

Sometimes they start on time, sometimes not (Beach Club Villas was postponed almost an entire year).

We stayed at BLT last month and the only work I noticed was on the pool. They were repainting our hallway one afternoon but that looked more like regular maintenance as opposed to a refurb.

Now I’m curious - were they planning to make any major changes to the rooms or are you referring to more of small repairs?

It’s supposed be soft goods.

I think they need to redo the kitchenettes. Granted it would be a mess moving plumbing, but they should knock down the wall between the bedroom and kitchenette and move the sink to the other side.

I thought they already had made adjustments to the kitchenettes. I have to say, I thought the layout was really good. It’s more galley style as compared to the other studios we’ve been in where they’re just long the side of the room. I liked that it sort of separated the area from the beds and you could make a bit more noise if others were asleep. I love that pull out pantry!

I guess I prefer the other style, but if there are fans of the galley style, that must be why they have them.

While I’d love to have a pull out pantry like that in my house, I thought there was way too much wasted space in storage. I can’t imagine anyone needing that much space for cooking when there is just the microwave and sink.

Oh, I know. I didn’t have anything to put in there! We stayed 4 nights and didn’t do a grocery delivery. I can’t imagine staying in those tiny villas long enough to warrant that much storage space.