Bay Lake Tower standard view 1 bedrooms - Noise Level

We are only staying for 2 nights and are not picky about the view. I don’t think we will even be in the room when fireworks are going off.
We would like a room with minimum hallway traffic and minimum noise from buses, cars when inside the room.

The Unofficial Guide says that rooms at BLT are “among the quietest at WDW”
However, many of the standard views look out on the parking lot. I actually think these views are pretty cool since you can see the monorail and the Contemporary.

The TP Room finder doesn’t have sound levels listed for the rooms.

Does anyone have any experience with staying Floors 1&2? Are the rooms so well soundproofed that location doesn’t matter?

Should I request floors 3-5?

I’d like to keep my request as simple as possible.

I don’t think there are any “standard” view rooms over the 5th floor. Higher than that are either lake view or park view.

By “upper floor” I mean levels 3-5.
I forgot to add on my original post that I know that standard views are on levels 1-5 only.

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The rooms at BLT are pretty quiet. I’ve never been successful on a room request for 1BR standard, I think because there are so few of them. Have stayed on floors 1, 2, and 4 (?), and have not had issues with outside noise. These were all on the outer curve of the “C” so I can’t speak to the ones inside that face the courtyard/pool.

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Thanks, this is very helpful.
My family wants a west facing room because these have a few of the monorail and Contemporary, but there are only 4 of them. The second choice would be any of the south facing rooms that look towards the Contemporary and the marina. Most are on the first floor.

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