Bay Lake Tower Refurb 2024?

My husbands always telling me to stop having anxiety over these things, so that’s why I have to post in here with liners who understand planning lol. We do a yearly DVC trip, our home is BLT, and that is where we prefer to stay. This year, for our January trip, we did Riviera because I had heard of the refurbs coming to BLT. However, it’s January and there’s no update.

This is making me nervous booking my Dec 2024/January 2025 trip. What if they’re refurbs going into that trip, and I was trying to outsmart it this year :woman_facepalming:t4:

Do yall think if a refurb starts mid 2024, it can finish by end of 2024?

Ps- So sad we are doing riviera the week that skyliner is down, we love our 8 min walk to MK, so figured a 8 min skyline to EP would be a nice change to try… so much for that lol. Really want to stick to BLT next time.

BLT is my home resort, and I remembered reading the renovation schedule was pushed back, I went find this on an article dated early December 2023

2024-2025: Bay Lake Tower at Contemporary Resort – Per the Condo Association Meeting in December 2023, Bay Lake Tower is slated to receive a full refurbishment in 2024…and 2025. They said the project would start in the second half of 2024, would take roughly one-year, and be completed in 2025.

The VP of Resort Operations said it’ll be a challenging project, with renovations completed floor-by-floor, requiring a rerouting of utilities so that all operating floors still receive service. The design of the new rooms is still being evaluated and the project will also entail a wifi infrastructure upgrade,

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Thanks! I couldn’t find this information for some reason. Guess I’ll be risking getting an older room.

They’ll work from the top down, so that problems with utilities don’t affect rooms below. That said, they could do all floors of one wing and then start again on the other.

So if you can swing a GV then you’ll be fine! :grin:

Otherwise Lake or Theme Park view rooms have a better chance of being done. Standard view rooms are unlikely - unless they complete one wing first.

Definitely not swinging a GV, won’t be back to disney for 3 years if I do that lol.

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I have to use 3 years worth of points for our vacations. I think that might get us 2 nights in a Poly bungalow!

It was 6 years between our last 2 trips, thanks to Covid. And they still wouldn’t let us borrow all our points. :frowning:

2 nights for 3 years worth of points :flushed:

I’m sure you’ve tried this, but a lot of times I hang up and call back hoping for a nicer CM. I hope there’s still a way for you borrow your old points!

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My DS used them lol!

We spoiled ourselves last time with a 2-bed std at BLT for the second week of our stay, after a week at OKW as a package.

Might need to look at OKW 2-beds in future to get us 2 weeks.


I tried to book a 2br Nov 10-15 and there were none available…Looks like the refurb will be in full force in 4q24

I don’t think that is going ndocative of anything, although you are probably correct.

Lake view 2-beds are still available. So I assume you were looking for z as cash room through CRO. But those dates are in Fall Frenzy. Not surprising they’re not available for cash really.


We are staying at BLT in fall 2024. How disruptive are these types of refurbs? We use the resort to sleep from around 10 pm-8 am, but other than that, we are typically at the parks. Noise during the day won’t bother us. We usually go to the pool once during our stay, but can live without that if unavailable.

I was at GF during their big refurb and other than having to see some scaffolding on the building next door, and occasionally hear the work crew shouting to each other during the day it was not something we noticed. I’m pretty sure there were no people staying in the building they were working on, at least not on the end near our building, because there was never anyone going in there. With size and layout of BLT being what it is, I think the chances of having the work near your exact room is fairly low. At any rate, you won’t hear work during the sleeping hours.

As far as pools go, if the BLT pool is closed you can use the CR pools.


You will be fine during those hours. They are renovating floor by floor and construction will be done by the time you go to bed.

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