Bay Lake Questions

I am confused on the best way to choose a room here. The room view tool gives you pics of views, but doesn’t tell you other details. For instance, some people say to stay in the tower with the sky bridge to the contemporary. Which tower is that? Others request odd room numbers, why? Is there a method to narrowing it down. We will be in a 2 bedroom lake view villa. Thx for any advice!

Bay Lake is the tower on the other end of the sky bridge from the Contemporary.
If you’re staying in a villa, that is the building you’ll be in.

Odd number rooms face the lake, so based on your reservation, that’s most likely what you’ll be assigned to. There are a few rooms on each floor that would technically give you a park view but they face the lake officially.

When you use the room finder tool, use the drop down that lets you pick “Bay Lake View/2 Bedroom”.