Battery usage

Is there a way to decrease.the amount of battery usage while in the forum. For examole, when at WDW, to prevent MDE from draining my phone I turn off GPS which helps tremendously. Any tips or tricks for the forum?

There are lots of little changes you can make, but if you plan to use MDE throughout the day it's going to drain your phone. I've resigned to buying a recharger like the Trent, because i'll be using it as a camera, video recorder, lines, MDE, and I just don't think I can make it last all day unless I just turn the whole thing off lol.

I have a Trent and definitely use it in the parks but I don't want to use it on a daily basis because I am on the forum! I have just noticed that when I am on the forum, my battery is seriously drained.

Oh gotcha... well Len said they are having a meeting about the mobile issues and are working on an optimization for it. I think part of the problem is that it's constantly refreshing looking for changes which is going to be draining on the battery and is also contributing to the high amount of data usage that some are reporting. Hopefully we'll get an update after his meetings today.

Thanks @ThatDisneyGuy! Maybe if we had the option to choose to only refresh manually.

@WendyWelcher_go_com Yes @len mentioned that "pull to refresh" was something they were looking into.

Thanks @NTKS! I think that would be very helpful.

I just had my iPhone 5 sitting for 62 minutes on the forums' main page, which refreshes, WiFi off, to see how much battery and cellular data it consumed. Browser is Safari.

Total battery drop over 1 hour = 1%
Total data used < 100K

Total data is hard to measure, because the phone is doing a bunch of phone-related things in the background. I measured that twice, once with the forums running in Safari and once without. The usage is the difference.

Not sure why, but my battery declined 14% this morning while I was actively using the forum this morning for about an hour. I usually would only see that kind of decline if my son was playing a game or if I was in the parks with GPS turned on. Any suggestions?

What kind of phone, @WendyWelcher_go_com? We can try to measure an hour of regular Lines chat usage as a benchmark. Also whether you're on WiFi or cellular, and your screen brightness settings are probably important.

Galaxy Note 3. WiFi was unstable which I am sure contributed. I always minimize screen brightness by keeping it on Auto. Would the more "colorful" screen of the forum make a difference? I think an hour of regular Lines chat would have been half the battery.

White, I believe, takes the most energy to display, so colors shouldn't amount to a 100% increase.

That said, a quick Google search indicates it's worth testing if turning the forum software's background color to gray pixels, like Lines Chat, to see if that helps. I'll add it to our list of things to do, and let you know when it's ready to test.

Thanks for the idea @WendyWelcher_go_com!


I didn't think of anything...just recognized an issue! That would explain why the screen seems so much brighter on the forum. Hope this is truly a possible way to reduce battery usage. Thanks for your strong involvement today. It has put a lot of people at ease which makes for happier reading for me wink I personally love this new concept for Lines and believe the benefits will outweigh the negatives....kinda like FPP....