Basic Questions

I have some really basic questions:
First, how far out can a DCL cruise be booked?
Second, do the DCL ships ever leave from New York? (Note that I have tried to figure this out online and have been unsuccessful, so I am hoping you experts will know!)
Third, what is the cost of Disney transport from a WDW resort to a ship leaving from Port C? Is there a return option as well?

Right now, through all of 2015. Each year is generally released in two parts, roughly 1½-2 years in advance.

They have in the past, but currently there are no ships set to make any departures from NY. What the next batch of itineraries released are, is anyone's guess.

It's $75/person round trip.

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Thank you @Mr_Itty! I am really hoping for a New York departure, but I also like the idea of doing a few days before and/or after at WDW.

With respect to the Disney transportation - can you take it just one way? Is there any discount for that?

Looks like I was wrong - it's $70 round trip. Yes, you can book one way, but there's no discount, it's just half of the round trip cost, $35.

Thank you!! That's what I meant - sometimes you just have to pay a flat rate whether you book both ways or not.

I am hoping to get the rest of my family on board with this!

Edited to note that I made a little nautical pun without meaning to.

You can also get independent transportation and sometimes it's cheaper. If you have 3 people or more getting a private car is cheaper. If you are taking Disney transportation make sure you don't book your return flight too early b/c you can get stuck waiting for people to board the bus. DCL I believe recommends not booking a return flight before 1pm but if you take private transportation you can take an 11am-ish flight and be fine.

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