Bars with food in WDW parks

Is there a master list of bars at WDW parks (not resorts) where you can get a drink and a bite to eat (without a reservation)?

ETA: I’m compiling my own list here. Anything to add?

Magic Kingdom

Rose & Crown Pub
Space 220 Lounge
Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Hollywood Studios
BaseLine Tap House
Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

Animal Kingdom
Nomad Lounge
Yak and Yeti


Master list? No

But most of them serve food.

And most of the major restaurants have a lounge.

Looking for anything in particular?

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Just putting together a list of places to keep handy for when I’m looking for a place to spontaneously drink, dine and rest.

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The Edison at Disney Springs. Typically easy to get into last minute. Great vibe and drinks. Food is solid.


You are looking for parks only? In HS there is HBD lounge. I don’t think Tune In is currently serving food. In AK- Yak and a yeti and Nomad. In EP, R&C has a few items? Tuto Gusto?

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So, no food at Tune-In currently? Can anyone confirm?

I’ve started making a list in my OP. I included Space 220 Lounge for completeness, even though getting a walk-up is dicey. But then, Nomad is also problematic as far as spontaneity goes.

Last report I heard from Tune In was last week. That report stated they cannot even make a milk shake since they are only doing bar items?

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Which is bizarre because it’s not as though they prepare anything there. They carry it out of the same kitchen as 50sPT

And the sitch at Oga’s tells me they don’t care about large crowds of closely-seated people anymore. At least when it suits them :rofl:


I agree! It makes no sense that they can’t put in an order. Although, is that one shared kitchen (50’s and H& V) and with short staff is it an issue?


Could be

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Okay I’m booting it from the Master List.