Bar at 'Ohana

Hey. Does anyone know if I can bring my 16yo son to the Tambu Lounge by 'Ohana? He really wants the bread pudding and no one else wants to eat at 'Ohana again. I know that it’s on the menu at the bar…I can call Disney Dining but I am not sure if they will give me a definite answer.


Is there also one of these at Disneyland? Or is this in the wrong section? Thanks.

No age restrictions at Tambu; I wouldn’t think twice about bringing a DS16.

Small related rant. I DO get a bit annoyed when someone parks a DD10 on a bar stool right next to me at 10:00 PM; I’ve seen this a number of times. On one occasion a couple of guys were having a conversation using “adult” language (but not being loud or obnoxious). The woman said “Do you think you could not use that kind of language around my daughter?” One guy replied "YOU’RE the one who sat your kid down at a bar at 10:30 on a Saturday night. We’re down here to GET AWAY from ours for a few minutes. Everyone within earshot laughed and/or applauded. She left muttering something about “Disney World” and “complain”. The fact is, there were half a dozen empty tables in the lounge area that she could have gone to and there would have been no issue… Personally, I think that all stools AT any bar in WDW should be restricted to 21 and older, at all times.


Oh wow - yes! Wrong board. Sorry. :confused::cry:

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As noted kids are allowed in almost every bar in WDW. Trader Sam’s does not allow children after a certain hour (8?) and Atlantic Dance Hall and Jellyrolls do not allow children.

Thanks! I moved the post.

My son kind of likes the idea of sitting at the bar hahaha!

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