Banshee toys at Animal Kingdom

Has anyone been to Animal Kingdom recently and can confirm if the Banshee toys are back in stock? I know they sold out of them back when Pandora first opened. Just curious if they are now available. I’m pretty sure my kids will want one next week. Wondering if they have plenty, or if it is something we need to check out when we first get in the park.

I read somewhere they are back, but that they have also raised the price to $60. Saw it on a blog - hopefully someone who has been can vouch. We went back in June so no banshees then.

I just bought one yesterday.

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I’m hoping they are still around in September! DS wanted one so badly in June and there were none to be found. Hoping for better luck the next trip!

What is this Banshee toy? Can someone post a picture?

I found this article about them.

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Can you tell me if they have plenty or is it something I need to go do when we first get in the park? We don’t plan to get over to Pandora until after 6pm the day we go. I ask because somewhere I read that they have so much stock for each day…

My kids just got theirs last Wed/Thurs. We got them in the evening and they had plenty to choose from. Lots of colors and plenty in stock. They were $60. We were “mean parents” and wouldn’t let them walk around with them because it was about to rain. FYI 2 banshee boxes will fit in a locker at the front of the park. They will deliver to your resort but our kids didn’t want to wait until the next afternoon to get them. I think $60 is high for a souvenir (we usually just get a t shirt or special pin, not big souvenir people) but its comparable to most fad toys outside of the park (think hatchimal or furbee or whatever the special thing is) so in that respect it is pretty on target.

Thank you so much for replying. I will not stress about getting them now. :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks!

Has anyone been to the Rookery recently and have Banshees been in stock? We’re not going to AK until the end of November but I’m trying to gauge the likelihood that I’ll be able to pick up a banshee or 2 (or 3) for me any my two kiddos.

We were there a few week ago and they had plenty in stock.

Good to know, thank you!!

We were there on Sept. 21st and there were loads of them! We were tempted, but passed on getting one. Good luck and enjoy!