Bank card compromised. How do I pay for stuff?!

So I tried to buy tickets for this last minute trip but the transaction won’t go through. Talked to my bank and my card with thousands others ha been compromised and is limited to $500 a day. Can’t buy tickets and my hotel will be close to making it go over. I’m not comfortable with that much cash in my pockets but I don’t have another card.

Your Bank didn’t offer a solution? My bank card has a regular per transaction limit, but if I call the bank to tell them I am making a large purchase and give them the details, about how much I am spending and where, they can temporarily suspend the limit after asking a lot of questions to confirm my identity. Maybe a supervisor’ supervisor could help?

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Agree wit @Anna_Wells - talk to your bank, explaining the situation and making your way up the supervisory ladder until you reach someone who can help you out here.

If they won’t fix it, you could buy a few Visa or Amex gift cards to bring with you, like in $100 denominations. I believe that Amex has no fees or expiration, but do a bit of quick research first.

I spent most of an hour on the phone back and forth but i did get the tickets to go through in time. I’m going look at those cards right now. Thanks!


How did this turn out for you?

I just kept some cash and kept my card spending under the limit. I was worried that the hotel plus gas would put me over but it came in under the limit. Still don’t have a new card though.