Balconies at the GF?

Do all the rooms at the GF have balconies? Am going to upgrade to a lagoon or theme park view room and would love to have one :blush: Also can you see the fireworks at MK from either of these? :thinking:

the vast majority do - but there are different types. If you want something specific make sure it is in your reservations. You need to ensure you have a MK view there are plenty that face the opposite direction.

There are several Lagoon view rooms which can still see the MK. We had a Lagoon view, but could still see the fireworks although the Castle was “framed” by some trees. I think MK view rooms are unobstructed…

So I need a theme park view and request a view of MK or castle plus a balcony…phew…wish me luck with that :joy: Travel agent is going to think I’m crazy lol!

no travel agent will love you as you are spending more $$

They charge extra for theme park views so if you go that way, I’m sure DIS & your travel agent will be quite happy.

I think all rooms above first floor do have balconies - it’s just some of the balconies differ in size - on the 4th floor I know there are rooms with odd balconies. Here’s the TP description: “Dormer rooms, just beneath the roof in each building, have smaller enclosed balconies that limit visibility when you’re seated. Most dormer rooms, however, have vaulted ceilings and a coziness that compensates for the less-desirable balconies.”

It’s worth your while to read the entry on the GF here:

Particularly the sections on “Theme Park Views, Lagoon Views and Garden Views” and then “Best and Worst Room Views”. I’d also check out the Room Finder - you can click on rooms, check the type & many have pics of the view. Probably worth your time to figure out what room to request (and you can use the Fax Request) if you care deeply about getting the perfect view you paid for…

As long as it has a balcony I don’t mind a dormer room, are they big enough for 4? So I will find room finder on TP site? Have seen the posts about fax request and will def use it…sounds fab. DH will care deeply about the cost and will want the best view :smile: I’m just the lowly planner lol!

Hooray…been to look at room views and have a good selection to request from…that was so easy what a great tool! Well done TP :+1::smile: