Bags on rides?

On a day-to-day basis I carry a cross body bag with an adjustable strap that can quickly become a fanny pack of sorts. I do this at our home amusement park for rides where I am restricted from caring a bag.

I was hoping to work in new bags for the Disney bounding my daughter wants us to do. I know on rides like Peter Pan the bags can just sit on the floor. What about things like Expedition Everest and BTMRR? It is possible but my mother would stay off the ride and hang out with the bags, but at the same time she enjoys shopping at that point in having a bunch of garbage with her would be annoying.


Disney rides you can take you bag on too every ride. Even Rock N Roller Coaster, Everest, BTMRR. I usually slips my leg through the strap just to feel secure. I think the only ride one would rather not take their bag is Kali River Rapids, just to keep it dry.


The only ride you absolutely can’t take a bag on is FOP. There are shelves for you to put it on but you can take it in the line.

There are lockers outside Kali - they were free last time we went but I don’t know if they still are.


BTMRR, Everest and Rock N Roller Coaster have small storage pockets in front of the seats. A very small bag can fit into them. We have ridden all WDW roller coasters while carrying bags and/or backpacks. Just put them under your legs, between the seat and your legs. Never had an issue.

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They were still free in November '18


Thank you, everyone. This makes me more comfortable expanding my options.


Loved my Loungefly mini backpack. It was perfect for walking around the parks. Also got a lot of compliments.

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If I’m bounding as Rabbit (from Pooh) I’d like a floral bag and as Mickey either red or black.

Loungefly has so many different mini backpacks for Disney (there is something for everyone). Like I said it was a great backpack for the parks, perfect size.

Some options for your bounding…

Google Loungefly Disney backpack. They sell them at box lunch, amazon, loungefly, shopdisney and several other places


I saw some at Box Lunch.
My eye is on Aristocats in general. But these would fit bounding!! Thank you.