Baggalini bags at Marshall's

So, I have never really needed a good bag since we always have a stroller, but saw a huge selection today at Marshall’s and thinking about getting one. Which style do you recommend? The prices seemed great!

I have gotten quite a lot of Baggallini bags from Marshall’s. There is one that I just love. I love it b/c u wear it cross body or over the shoulder. I’ve gotten 3 diff colors. Tip: don’t get too girly of color! I have my DH carry 75% of the time. this is the one I have in olive green, black, and mint. It is called the 3 zipper bag. What I like about it is: lightweight, enough small compartments and a large compartment, and kind of low profile. I forgot it last trip and Overnight Amazon Primed a new one to AKL

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I have the cross body style, which I really like. It is very manageable in size, but roomy. Easy to stay organized. I used to use the Vera Bradley cross body. The only caveat is that the side mesh pocket on mine completely detached and is impossible to repair within ten days of owning it.

Bummer! After only 10 days!!

I know, it was on our last day at WDW actually - I had bought it just for that based on Liner recommendations. I still love the bag though, which says a lot!

I went with the Big Sydney. It was $40 which seemed like a good deal. I’d post a pic, but I can’t from my phone. Still won’t work!