Bag experiences

I have been reading abut Universal’s stricter bag policies. What are some of your experiences?

We will not be riding those rides where no bags are allowed with the exception of FJ, which we will child/bag swap.

I am more concerned with other rides, can you wear a small cross body bag or do they have to be waist/fanny packs? We are not carrying much, just sun screen, camera and cards.

Any bag recommendations would be great too. My Baggallini was eaten by a squirrel in Epcot this spring and we need a replacement.

40 days and counting

If bags are allowed then size isn’t too big a problem there are only 7 ( 6 if you don’t count hulk) that you need to put bags in lockers for. We had a small back pack and took it on all rides that didn’t have the locker rule… Mummy and men in black you have to store bags in lockers but the rides are worth it. Haven’t done gringotts but they are bags in lockers also and I believe its really good.