Bag check with bellhop

Does anyone know if you can check your bags with a bellman even if you aren’t staying at that hotel? Will they ask for your reservation info? I’m flying into Orlando for a convention, but staying at a Hilton near Disney. Instead of going to my hotel and checking bags there (arrival is 10 am) and then heading to Universal, I was going to head straight to a Universal hotel, tip a bellman $20 or so and have them check my bags, then go to the parks. It saves me a cab ride and probably an hour or more of time. Then, when I’m done with the parks, I go back to the Universal hotel, get my bags and grab a cab to my hotel.

Will the bellman allow that even though I’m not staying there? The parks close at 6 pm and 7 pm that night, but if I go to my real hotel first, it probably kills close to an hour of cab rides when I could cut out a leg and get to the park earlier. Anyone ever try this?

I can’t speak for the Universal hotel, but I know at DLR there is no problem with stowing your bags with the bellhop. They give you a ticket and you can claim it later. I think at resort hotels, unlike general hotels, there are more reasons for them to stow your items.

I wouldn’t count on it. Keeping a bag for someone that isn’t a guest would likely be considered a security risk.

They asked if we were checking in or checking out when we left our bags, but I don’t know how they would have known if we were telling the truth.

@clonghurst, I know this was a long time ago, but I’m curious. Did you end up trying to check your bags? What happened?

No. One of the people I was traveling with ended up renting a car, so I rode with them from the airport and left my stuff in their car.