Baffled by split stay

We’re trying to set up a split stay in February. Five nights at POFQ, then two nights at AKL. We’re a bit confused about the tickets and linking FPP. Meal plans are less of a concern, since we think we will be pay as you go. Do we need to book two separate trips? Or can you link FPP through the whole duration, even with a change of hotel?

I woukd book two room only stay. Then buy discounted tickets through a company like Undercover Tourist.

Another option: have you contacted MVT? I have a great rate on a February trip. They had POFQ rooms available. Then you could get their discounted tickets to extend through to your AKL stay.

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As long as you have tickets linked to the first stay or even better not part of a package, you can book FP for your length of ticket at 60 days from your first check in day.

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^^^^ What they said!

Book room-only, and buy the tickets separately. You can still buy them from Disney if you want, but just not as part of a package.

That gives you the best flexibility if you need to change the dates for any reason.

You can book FPs for the whole length of stay, both resorts. ADRs will have two different windows though.

I think the one thing that you need to know is that your tickets cannot be part of a package for your second part of your stay.

Following…I have a sort of split stay coming up in December. 1 night at AKL, followed by 5 nights at WL w/ our package/tickets etc…was also wondering about our FP booking window.

This is more complicated. I think it opens at 60 days from your first onsite stay, but you can’t book any FP for days before you check in to your package at WL.

@Nicky_S will correct me if I’m wrong, she’s the expert.

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I’m going insane not knowing lol. Any insight is appreciated and I will of course follow up after my FP date in October.

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Erm, thanks. But this is the million dollar question!!

That is what I think should happen. And I’m very much relying on a real expert. But we don’t know for sure.

Much to @haylekk’s suspense. :sweat:

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