Badges on hats!

I personally am always looking for a great hat and I think the layout of @Randall1028’s badges work perfectly in that way!

Just throwing this idea onto the pile!


Taking a moment to try my hand at this.

As I suspected, the badges are perfect for hats. This particular hat only comes in white, but there are other options. Plus someone (ahem, the Art Director?) would need to add the TP logo to it. But you get the gist.

Obviously the other badges work, too, but obviously I picked this one :wink:


And I really like it on the visor:


I actually like that on the white. I like the badges on hat and visor.

I’d like to make the colors richer though.

Also, I’m getting lost on that site making badges into everything :laughing:


Well done on the mock up! I see your point on richer colors for the badge and AK head gear will need tan, olive-drab color choices too :wink:

Ooh and what I’ve discovered with the hats? The logo can go elsewhere (back, side) so as not to interfere with the badge itself!


Like this:


Love this!!!


Super cute!

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Oh that’s good!


I gotta make a TP-Centric AK badge… but I’m kinda at a loss of what it’d be.

I also wish they would give us more options in hats other than white for screen printing. They offer embroidery hats in different colors, but most of our stuff won’t translate well. :frowning:

That said, those look good!


Yeah I don’t love the hat itself and I hate that it’s only in white. I picked it to work with because it is listed as a “performance” hat. I was hoping it was more of a nylon like some of my running hats, and the Nike hat I wore last week at WDW.

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Yeah, i also liked that we could put stuff on the side too. :frowning: But yeah, i just won’t wear/buy a white hat.

So If we gotta “outsource” our hats, I’m totally willing. Just gotta find a place.

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I’ve used for some screenprinted bags for a church group. Affordable for our small quantity.

ETA: They have so many different kinds of headwear - and so much more!

Sadly those need to be “stocked’ instead of designed/created on demand like zazzle :frowning:

Good plan though, I had the same thought. I looked at a few, but they all want you to order like 12 minimum to start.

Yyyyeah that’s a no. :smile:

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Shucks. You want to do a more make-it-as-you-go. (Which kinda makes me wonder why we have so much angst about getting wording styles/locations/colors we all agree upon.)

You too, huh? :smirk:

Ok, but seriously, it’s mostly just cause I wanted it to be a more of a “communal design” thing. Where we can all say “I had hand in that” when they see it (whether online or in the parks). Lil’ bit o’ liner pride if you will.

I also felt that if we all collaborated it would end up all meshing together more cohesively as opposed to several different design “feels”. :slight_smile:


You want to create a more-or-less agreed upon standardization of style - font, type sizes, colors, etc? I know the local university ended up with a big thick notebook of all their particulars for letterhead, signs, web pages, etc. to create a unified look.

I do like your idea of “a communal design.” Thanks for clarifying.

Yup :slight_smile: