Bad Weather and Parades

Just wondering if they will cancel the Festival of Fantasy parade if it rains?

That’s so strange, I was just thinking about this… I also wonder what to do if the forecast says rain all day? Disney still continues right? Just some rides must not run, I assume.

It depends on how bad the rain is, really. A light drizzle and the show should go on without issue. A downpour and you might get to experience the legendary Rainy Day Parade. As for rides, it will again depend on how much rain and whether or nor it’s an electrical storm. I think lightening is the bigger reason for closing outdoor attractions, not the rain itself.

What’s the Rainy Day Parade?

Hope that helps!

We just returned from Disney this afternoon (so sad!) and they canceled the Electrical Parade on Tuesday night because of thunder and lightning. Many of the rides were stopped as well.

Thanks! I like the clear umbrellas.

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