Backpacks Allowed on Rides

What’s the current rule dealing with backpacks being allowed on rides?

Not sure what the rule is officially, but I’ve taken a backpack on all the rides.

The only ride I can think of that you store (directly behind you) is FoP. Also, there are lockers outside of Kali

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7DMT, you could fit a small one in front of you in the little cargo net area.

That’s right, I forgot about FOP, I did put it in the storage area for that one.

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And technically, i stored my backpack at BoG while i ride 7dmt and tomorrow land speedway one day, since I forgot it on a chair.

I don’t recommend that strategy.


I just rode 7DMT. They said bags on the floor by your feet. I had a large backpack.

That’s the great thing about WDW. You can take your bag on any of the rides (with FoP storage being the “sort of” exception as noted). It’s SO much less hassle than Universal in that regard.


I brought my backpack on every ride (with the FOP storage behind you). The only ride where I was concerned I was going to lose anything was RnR, but that panic probably could have been avoided if I had been a little more intentional about how I put the bag when I sat down.

I don’t think my bag ever even shifted by my feet on RnR. I’m not sure there are any negative-G forces on the ride, only positive-G, which will keep bags in the vehicle.

The only one I had any concerns with is ToT, but I just put my foot through the shoulder strap on the floor so it could fly up and hit me or anyone else.


Like @heidelj i put my foot or leg through my straos. Probably unnecessary but I do it. All rides are fine with backpacks.

Yeah, but the rides are SO much more wimpier… :wink:

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We use string bags… they are great to take on all the rides, put them between our feet as needed. On RnR, ToT, and the other rides where I’m worried, I just put my leg through one of the straps/strings, or loop the string around my wrist.

I couldn’t do this with a “backpack” as they are a little too big for me on some of the rides, like Space Mountain.

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I would also not recommend storing a backpack (with kiddo’s medical supplies) on Haunted Mansion while going to 7D. Thankfully cast members found it and held it for us after the backpack took an extra journey or two through the mansion.

Wrap the strap around your leg or put on your lap so you don’t forget it!