Background Music Loops - ISO Pandora

BGM fans - any luck finding loops from Pandora? In the old days, I’d imagine Mike Newell hiding out in a Pandora bush with his mic, but haven’t been able to track down any loops on Soundcloud. Anyone successful?

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Oooh following, I’d be interested in this too. I have my favorite Disney Pandora stations but no actual BGM loops…

I haven’t seen an area loop yet myself, but has audio recordings for NRJ and FoP.

Ahh, wait! I just finished fighting with a server at the office and my Google Fu did not kick in yet.

There apparently are some full area loops on The YouTube (although they may be just fan edits vs actual loops):

Search on The Google.

I love D-COT for Disney music. They have lots of background loops and other park music. I know they have some Pandora music, and I have requested they add a track, and if they can find it, they’ll add it.