Back to the World!

Since I have to go and visit my MIL this summer DH is bribing me with a few Disney Days - 2 park days. I could have had 3 but there was no way I was going to a park on a day I would be traveling from about an hour away.
I wanted to stay at Coronado, but I went with Pop instead mainly for the Skyliner and then for the price. This will be a new hotel for us. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS ON WHICH BUILDING TO STAY IN! For our arrival day I have both a lunch and dinner ADR for Beaches & Cream. As it gets closer I will figure out which one works out better.
For my October Girls/F&W/Halloween trip I was totally spoiled. On our DHS day we got up at 4am, basically rode & met everyone we wanted to and were back at Coronado napping by 1pm.
DH is a huge SW fan, so that’s the main reason we chose DHS. Our last trip together (back in 2017) my TP’s were amazing and we had hardly any waits. This time, not so much. I feel like such a failure so far, but I have some time to do my research and figure out FP strategies to hopefully make it a decent trip.
Our second park day will be a nice relaxing day at Epcot - the only ride we are interested in riding is Soarin so as long as I can grab a FP for it at some point we’ll be good.
Departure day so far consists of breakfast at Topolino’s. Our flight home is around 3:30 so I’m assuming we won’t be able to do much afterwards.
So although I don’t have all that much planning to do, I love being back in the “Disney Planning Bubble”.


My family just stayed at Pop. If you want a pool view, I recommend buildings 4 or 5. If you prefer something a little quieter that still has a nice easy walk to the skyliner and main hall, we stayed in building 10 and enjoyed it. It’s 10 min or so on the skyliner to DHS, and around 25 min to EP for us.

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