Back to hotel to change for dinner every night?

Trying to make dinner and park plans/schedule along with FP times. I was wondering how many have time to work it into their plans to go back to hotel to change . We are a family of four (2 kids 2 adults) and will have a car staying at AKL. Dinner plans at some signature restaurants like yachtsman, tiffins ( which since it’s a ROL package with early meal time will be impossible to go back to hotel), CRT, ohana. I still have some other dinner plans to rearrange. Any thoughts would be helpful

Tiffins, CRT, and Ohana don’t have dress codes and you can wear your park attire. I’ve never gone back to my room to change for dinner.

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We also do not go back to our room to change. The places you’re listing will all be fine with park wear.

We did change for the Yachtsman, but it was an earlyish dinner and we’d taken an afternoon break. I think we left the park around 1.30-45 and got the bus back at about 5.30.

We took breaks every day of varying lengths so it wasn’t an inconvenience.

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All those places are fine with park ware (assuming that you wear somewhat nice clothes). We try to dress “well” while in the parks - guys usually in Polo and gals in something sporty but nice. However I like the fact that you want to change for nicer dinners. I think that makes the experience that much better. I may suggest that a late afternoon break that includes a change may be appropriate - if that is something that is important to you.

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For in-park signature dining I do not go back to change - but I plan ahead and wear a collared shirt. I typically tour in khakis (long or short), which are also considered “acceptable” attire for signatures. For resort signature dining, I plan a late dinner, after we have finished touring for the day, so on these occasions I will go back and shower/change.

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I imagine it’s tiring to stay in a park all day and then have dinner there

We’ve never done that

We start early in a park go back to our Hotel by 3pm ish have a bit of a siesta and then head into a park for dining in the evening

We wouldn’t go back to the same park in the evening as in the day though

We mix and match - I feel you seem to have done way more if you do 2 parks in a day and by having the rest late afternoon you feel full of energy as well

So I would come out of the park but then go back to dine and then tag on some rides in another park myself

We used to just do our epcot rides and touring around meals in the evening but other parks during the day

Once we went into animal kingdom to dine at night and once we went into magic kingdom

But each time spent the morning at another park

Every one has their own priorities etc but we feel we have more to look forward to each day by mixing parks up

We use hotel shuttles though. We might not feel the same if we were driving everywhere ourselves

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Getting around is pretty easy if you have a car. There’s pretty much nowhere on property that’s more than a 15 minute drive from anyplace else (unless you get stuck in traffic around Disney Springs, though that situation is improving as construction starts to wind down). I just about always take afternoon breaks, which gives time to shower and change into whatever you want to wear for dinner and there rest of the evening, and haven’t felt I’ve missed out on anything (other than feeling like a sweaty mess) by doing so.

Having said that, if you do stay in the parks, you’re not going to be turned away if you’re dressed in whatever you were wearing in the parks and you’ll find other guests dressed casually at all the places you mentioned.

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The first couple trips I packed nicer clothes for dinner - wanted kids to appreciate the “specialness”. But never wore them because by dinner time we didn’t care, tired and starving! Same with shoes - even if dressing up a little, I still wear day walking shoes. Everyone else does.