Back From Disney Trip

Where to begin… the dates of our trip were determined by when we could get Shades of Green - 2 nights. Then I booked 2 nights of Pop Century as well. First 2 nights at Wyndham Garden and last night at Holiday Inn. We flew out of LGA on the 11th and back on the 18th. My boyfriend is 100% disabled veteran - but we had to make 2 trips to New London and one to Middletown to get the proper ID for Military Salute tickets - 5 days Park Hopper Plus for just under $400. I really wanted to pet a rhino but Up Close with Rhinos is even harder to get than Cindy’s table. I first got the 19th, which messed up my plans (I have a religious obligation) but just before we left the 20th opened up, $4 more but I happily cancelled out and grabbed the Monday slot.
The first night we took my boyfriend’s nieces out to dinner at Olivia’s - one of them has been a dear friend of Minnie for years and she got us an employee discount. On Sunday after Mass I grabbed my boyfriend and we went to Blizzard Beach, our first time because on earlier trips only Typhoon Lagoon was open. We hopped to Animal Kingdom for a late lunch at Santuli Canteen. I think that was the day we saw Lion King and rode Kilimanjaro Safaris. We made our way to Magic Kingdom, rode Tomorrowland Transit and Jingle Cruise before getting into Skippers Canteen.
Monday I rope dropped and made my way through my touring plan, except Safaris and Everest (I chickened out). Petted a rhino. Boyfriend met me for lunch at Yak and Yeti cafe then we saw Nemo. Back to get his luggage and check in to Pop. We rode Skyliner to Epcot, dined at Spice Road Table then rode Remy. Stayed for fireworks, braving Skyliner line to get back.
Tuesday I rope dropped Epcot. I chickened out of Mission Space Orange and went Green. Soarin Over California - but only the blue parts of the state. Passed on Moana - did not want wet socks. Did not recognize Eugene Levy of Catherine O’Hara even though I saw them in Best in Show. Met boyfriend for lunch at Sunshine Seasons. Back to Pop and dinner at Landscape of Flavors. I had snagged Guardians of the Galaxy at 1 so at 6ish we headed back – awesome ride. I am Gru.
Wednesday only day without party at MK - Hollywood Studios was nearly walk on. Rise of Resistance 20 minute wait - and I wouldn’t spend any longer in line. Met boyfriend at ABC Commissary for lunch - he rode Tower of Terror (I HATE drops). We did the Muppets together. On to Shades of Green.
Thursday was our resort day - good choice because the weather was miserable. We toured the MK resorts - didn’t care for Poly, GF or Contemporary but Wilderness Lodge was breathtaking. Boyfriend train fan so we saw the room with Walt’s collection. Lunch at Roaring Fork – the salad was so filling I took the sandwich back to Shades.
Friday last day - rope dropped MK. Weather still iffy but when rain stopped was able to go on 7 Dwarfs and Thunder Mountain with almost no wait standby. Met boyfriend for lunch at Columbia Harbor House. Headed over to Blizzard Beach - dropped boyfriend off then went to Animal Kingdom where I braved Everest - front row. We had a virtual queue for Tron but boyfriend wanted to stay at the Beach and I didn’t want to leave him stranded.
Next trip for Tron, Moana, Mission Space Orange - and whatever is new.


Sounds like a great trip!

I won’t ever give Mission Space Orange a go because I don’t want my day ruined :laughing:

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There is a cool crossover here waiting to happen!