Back at UOR (For the third time in 3 months)

So, I know its a bit crazy, but even though I just came back from UOR on 1/31/2023, I’ll (probably) be back on 2/12/2023. My go/no go date is Tuesday, It will probably be go. This trip is my and my SIL. It’s a thank you for being there when we needed her.

I was originally planning one night at Sapphire Falls, and one night at Portofino Bay Hotel. However, I was worried about the hotel transfer. Also, I didn’t want to “waste” an Express Pass day on the water park. Looking at the forecast, the high for Sunday was 62 degrees, and I was worried about Volcano Bay being closed. This gives me two chances at the water park.

I wanted to go to the water park in December, but with my sprained ankle, I didn’t think I could manage all the steps.

Right now, I have two single night reservations at PBH, and hopefully they can link the two rooms so we won’t have to change rooms.

Since this trip will be just the two of us, I should be able to record everything, unlike the one that just ended, where I could only write what I did.


You know I’m all for this! I like your plan to not split stay. I found it stressful. I actually did it on my VB day…

Let me know if you need anything!


Yay for a short countdown! Following.

I spent the last 3 days constantly checking the hotel page hoping to find availability for both nights but no luck. Hopefully we can stay in the same room. If not, at least the change will be easier than Sapphire Falls to Portofino Bay.

Last time I did an in hotel room transfer it was at RPR. The hotel staff moved everything between rooms. We just packed it and left everything by the door. I hope the staff can do the same this time. It would make our lives easier.


We had separate reservations for an RPR stay last trip. It was the same room category. I mentioned it at check in and they said to come to the front desk on the switch day morning and they’d get me new keys/express pass but we could stay in the same room.

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Sounds hopeful.

At RPR we were in different room categories, so we had to switch.

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Doing those kind of split stays is so much easier at the Premiere resorts. They will handle luggage transfers and etc…

For all the other hotels, moderate / value, you are on your own. You’ll get n new room assignment & everything. It’s not a big deal, but it does show another value in the upgrade to Premiere

We are now about 13 hours until takeoff. I checked the weather to see how warm it would be, and the high for tomorrow is 69 degrees, with a lot of wind. I check the app, and Volcano Bay will be closed Sunday and Monday. I still want to go, but it will take more coordination to go on our departure day.


Yeah…I have debated a departure VB day before. As much as I love the later EPA start VB offers, my “regular” flight home makes me have to leave the parks around 1pm. Good luck!!

When was your flight home? Ours is 6:45 so we should get a good day in.


My Sunday usual flight left at 4:45pm direct…

I already hate speaking on the past tense! Have fun… Try Mama Della’s if you can!

We can’t eat at any of the restaurants here. I keep kosher . We bring/make all our food and make do with sandwiches oatmeal cereal and things like that.


Night view from our hotel room.



Question for you

I want to do hagrids/velocicoaster for early entry and then do the water park. My travel buddy is willing to bring my water stuff to the park if I’m in the parks till checkout. If that happens how would you suggest I go from city waln to volcano bay? I don’t think taking the water taxi to the hotel and then taking the bus is the best use of my time.

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I have taken a VB designated bus at CW directly to VB before.

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@OrlandoGirl357 … I would go to the security and bus hub back at the CityWalk entry. Then take a bus to Cabana Bay and use the entrance to VB there. It’s a nicer and a private security entrance, like the premire hotels have. (It’s for all on-site hotel guests and any hotel key will give you access) I find it to be an easier entry with a shorter walk.

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I’ve been curious all morning what you finally decided! I’m living through you now!

I decided to do one last ride on the water taxi. I also had a list minute purchase of fudge that I wanted to see if I could leave at bell services.

My phone has been in a locker since 11 or so.

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I know what it’s like to have to stow a phone while playing at VB!

Try that King Cake fudge, if you can!!

I just saw that JPRA got pushed back until next week! (2/20/23)