Back at the Parks: Trip of 2 Foodies

Thanks Jeff. I live in Spain and I don’t think it works from here for Orlando but it might just be my techphobia. Great info though. We’ve ditched the car for our 3 week trip in September so I just wanted an idea.

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Thanks for coming along belatedly. :slight_smile: I am going for another 4 night trip and I leave in 12 days. I swear this is my last for a while. I will be doing a trip report dec 4-8. I have another Bull & Bear res and CG with the new menu. We will also go to Boma, GFC and boathouse. One day in the parks and the xmas party.


I stayed at Sapphire Falls. A trip from there to AKL was 21.06. Epcot to Sapphire falls was 24.16. Contemporary to Sapphire falls at closing time right after fireworks was 33.90. Airport to universal sapphire falls was 34.90. In general an Uber from universal to Disney was $20. I spent about 400 on ubers for the 7 days (includes tips). Half the trip I was doing XL ubers for the scooter but then I realized I didn’t need to and could save the money.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can do it from the UK but we have Uber here. Do you have it in Spain?

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Hi, yes in the big cities but I live on a tiny Canary Island so I don’t even have Uber on my phone as we don’t have it here.

Oh that’s cool, which one? I’ve been to Fuerteventura and Tenerife a few times but none of the others yet.

You could get the app and see if it lets you price journeys. We don’t have Lyft but I got the app and priced up a few times before we went to WDW last. I ended up getting a 25% discount from them and we used them the whole trip.

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I’m in Fuerteventura, which technically isnt the smallest but is the least populated of the big 4, hence why we don’t have much in the way of ride sharing yet. Or food delivery or even shops. Love it but it can be a cultural and retail vacuum.


It’s a gorgeous place to visit! I can’t imagine living there though to be honest.

I’ve been here nearly 16 years, hence why I need to get off and visit Disneyworld again.