B Resort & Spa: Genie+ @ 7 AM or Park Opening?

Just looking for some clarification & insight. I’ve not been to WDW since April ‘21 and all the Genie+ craziness. I’m looking to venture into the world Sept 25-29 with 3 PH days for a girls’ trip: sister, mom & myself.

I’m trying to verify if you can begin booking LL at 7 AM if you’re staying at a Good-neighbor hotel (looking at B Resort) or if you’ve got to be exclusively in a Disney hotel? I know you get the perk of early entry, but what about early booking? That info is not as clear to me.

How important is having that initial booking time? CLs are 4s and 3s overall with individual parks reaching 5. The only value resort I can find is All-Star Sports with 2 double beds for 3 adults… so I’m trying to evaluate all options.

Yes, everyone can book Genie plus at 7am but you will not be able to book ILLs until park opening.

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Oh, OK…I didn’t realize that it was specific to ILLs. But if I stay at All-Star, I can book ILLs at 7 am?

Yes. Disney owned and operated hotels plus Swan/Dolphin and Shades of Green are the only ones with 7am ILL purchasing.


Paging @SirGreggLadyV --I believe you just stayed at B Resort. Any thoughts?

I stayed at B Resort & Spa, but I did not purchase G+ or ILLs. Therefore, I have no idea :woman_shrugging:. I also did not do any rope-dropping. I’m very helpful, aren’t I?


Yes, you are. Look how quickly you popped in, didn’t leave the question hanging --that’s helpful :rofl:

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How was your experience at B Resort? The recent reviews on both Google and Trip Advisor have not been favorable, but I’ve never stayed there before. That being said, last year we stayed at the Floridays Resort, which also had quite a few unfavorable reviews. I found this resort to be perfect for us.

Booking right at 7am isn’t as important as it used to be, so feel free to sleep in a bit. As long as you book by park opening, you won’t be at much of a disadvantage.

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Mind you, I was traveling alone and had an ECV. I will never go there again for two reasons. 1) I will stay onsite if I have an ECV. (I will never visit WDW without one). B Resort is not made for ECVs. It was a nightmare to get into an elevator and into my room 2) they will not freeze ice packs, regardless of medical necessity. I was not happy in any way about that.

Both those things soured my stay.

However, if I were ambulatory and didn’t need ice packs, this was a nice place. The room was clean. It’s rather hotel-like, which is par for the course. The staff, especially the bellhops (?), went out of their way to be very, very helpful. The Joffreys staff were also excellent and went out of their way to be helpful.