Avoiding the Rope drop crowds

I know I know crazy, but here’s my question.

Traveling with little kids so we have no interest or need to be in the rope drop crowds for AK or HS.

MK I don’t mind because with all of Main Street I did not feel crushed last time.

Epcot we have a PPO breakfast.

My question is when is a good time to arrive post rope drop? I’m thinking my first FP won’t start until 10 for both of those days. I imagine the big crowds will get there for 9, on a 9 opening? I suppose the hours might change to 8.

Curious if anyone has any experience. What time do you shoot for if you want to be after the initial rush?

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If I wanted to be past the initial rush I’d show up for 9 on a 9 o’clock opening day. By the time the official opening hour arrives the majority of the people planning to rope drop are already inside being held at various points. Last year we (accidentally) got to Hollywood Studios at 9:05 and there was basically nobody at security.

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Good info thanks!

I agree that arriving right at the opening time is good for being able to go straight in.

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Arrive at park opening and go to anything but a headliner. RDing Navi 5 minutes after park opening is actually quite pleasant, even though there is a crowd of people nearby for FOP.


I forgot how everyone isn’t crowded at the taps at opening. Since they get held further into the park. So maybe we will shoot for around opening then.

I’ve often arrived at any of the parks in the 9 - 10 hr. It’s never been a crush. Maybe a lot of people, but not a “crush.”

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We arrived at AK about 5-10 minutes before opening and the crowds had already been walked back to Pandora. We got through security (maybe 6-7 people in line ahead), tapped in, walked directly to NRJ and on to the ride without ever stopping or getting in congested areas. Unless you are in the pack to FOP, I found RD at AK to be easy and definitely worth it as the crowds clog up the walkways there in late morning/early afternoon.
My recent experiences RDing HS were completely different (and that was before SWGE)!