Avoiding rise of resistance breakdowns

We have only one HS day and are star wars fans so ROR is a top priority. I’m wondering how late we can safely plan to ride rise of resistance? I don’t want to risk not riding due to the ride being down and I’d hope to ride when all ride components (for example, the Kylo Ren animatronic) are functioning. For various reasons, going to rise before noon isn’t ideal for us so I’m wondering how important it is to make it to Rise early in the day or if not, how late in the afternoon I can safely plan to ride it. I know that wait times may be better/worse at different times but my question for now is just about how much I’m risking the ride, or parts of the ride, being down if I plan to ride later in the afternoon. Also assume we plan to leave after Fantasmic. Thanks!!

It is rather hit or miss…and I believe it takes a full 30+ minutes to reset the ride if there is a breakdown, so leave plenty of time…earlier better than later.

Also keep in that mind that there are several elements of RotR that seem to be operating permanently in B mode now, so I don’t think you can expect to see that “all ride components are functioning”. Disney just doesn’t seem interesting in fixing them. (In May, when I did it with my DS24 who hadn’t ridden it before, I was disappointed he didn’t get to see it all as intended…but I figured he wouldn’t necessarily notice…but there was one part where he was confused why the experience did something specifically for no apparently reason. Which means he DID notice something seemed amiss, but he didn’t know WHY it was amiss…I explained to him afterward what it should have been like.)

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In my opinion the only terrible, no good time to attempt to ride is at rope drop. I very rarely hear of it being down for whole afternoons or evenings anymore. I think if you watch it in MDE and see if you can get under a couple hours in the afternoon you will be fine.

Like Ryan said though, I would temper your expectations about everything working. That seems to be absolutely up to chance. I don’t think anyone can say a way to ensure everything is working. There are two sides and each side has a different permanently broken piece I believe. I have ridden 5 or 6 times now and there is one component that I have never seen functioning correctly.

Are you willing to buy an ILL? That way if it’s down you can go anytime.

yes, I probably would.

I don’t know the last time I heard that all parts of Rise were even functioning. I rode when Rise opened in December 2019 and it was amazing. I don’t know that you can really predict when stuff will go down. I think I’ve read here that Rise goes down at least 2 hours a day. If you for sure want to ride, I’d book and pay for an ILL for around 12-2ish. If it goes down during that time you’ll get to ride at another time.


100% agree - if it’s a top priority, then pay for the security.

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I’ve removed RoTR from all future park plans for us, not worth the headache and planning round the ride downtimes. Mid Feb2023-paid for iLL with afternoon time slot and RoTR went down 30 min before our slot started and stayed down till just before park closed. Mid-June 2023 attempted rope drop with onsite guest early park access, RoTR didn’t open all day, stayed down till evening.

Did it involve very big guns?

That’s become the Yeti of ROTR.


Hehe. Yep. Exactly. My son was confused why the ride vehicle randomly stopped, backed up, then moved forward again. There was no discernable reason as far as the “story” went. He wasn’t aware the “big guns” would normally have provided the reason.

It’s a real pity they’ve given up on fixing that. And surprising they put it in there in the first place: it’s literally the same problem (I believe) that they had with the Yeti.

I’ve ridden ROTR more times than I can remember but I’ve had more ride fails (both in absolute and relative terms) on ROTR than any other ride. When you got the full experience it was great. The experience you get now does seem to function fairly consistently, though, and there are still many amazing moments.

This is true…but I will say, it doesn’t have the re-rideability I would have liked. That is to say, the times we have been on it after that first time have far less of that sense of wow we got the first time. I now no longer care of I skip the ride entirely. I rode it again at the Midnight Magic event with my son simply because he hadn’t been on it yet as the rest of the family had, so it was fun to see him get to experience it. Had he not been there, I wouldn’t have bothered (unless the wait time is particularly low). To make matters worse, I found myself noticing what wasn’t working versus what was.

I actually agree with all of that.

I’d love to be able to walk the attraction. I could stand in the stormtrooper bay for hours. And it would be great to walk around the AT-AT room and really take it in. In a way the ride is rushed and you don’t get a chance to appreciate it all.


Agreed - the initial wow factor is probably the highest I’ve ever seen, but the re-rideability falls off quite markedly compared with FoP, for example.

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We were evacuated after the ride went down when we were nearly at the end. We got to backtrack and pick up a handful of other groups and managed to walk about half the ride. I was really disappointed when we got to a service corridor. It was totally the highlight of my day! Probably not so much if we hadn’t ridden it a few times before.

Thrilldata has it looking not too unreliable for the past month. One day with almost 4 hours down time, but average under an hour and the next longest just under 3.

I’ve rode it 3 times, first time was amazing, second time we were evacuated ( didnt bother going back), third time felt like something was missing and I couldnt figure it out- no you all made me realize i wasnt crazy for feeling that way lol. I definitely wont be adding this ride to plans again. One and done.

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