Avoiding frustration

I’ve been reading horror stories about resort check in and the daily upkeep of the resorts. I understand there’s an employee shortage and occupancy has sky rocketed.

40 days til our arrival at Cabana Bay where we will also pick up Annual Passes. We usually drive but airline tickets were so cheap we are flying in and arriving about 3pm at the airport. We will have bags we’ll have to get as I can’t get my DH to limit himself to a carry on. I am always grumpy from the time I wait to pick up my bags til I’m in my room with a drink in hand.

Please share with me how to best avoid letting the arrival, transfer and check in process from becoming a horror story. Thank you.

Did this my last trip with no issues.


Grab a drink in the airport while he waits for his bag and meet him at the carousel # haha jk. Seriously, traveling with only carry on is everything.

There is usually a desk in the hotel where you can get your annual pass so you dont have to wait until you go to the parks.

Mobile check in is a good idea if it is available. With that arrival time your room should be ready.

I would make a reservation somewhere for food at 5:30? Or 6? so you know you won’t have to look for food even if it is just a back up reservation. Timing depending on where the restaurant is- in hotel or involving travel time.

I’m sure everything will go smoothly for you. Pack your fav snack and enjoy the process.