Avoid Universal Studios during Halloween Horror Nights?

I’m booked to stay at the Hard Rock for four days in September and each night is an HHN at Universal. I have no intention on going to HHN and was wondering what impact it has on the parks (other than US closing early) and hotels. Anybody have any insight? I plan on visiting all three parks (have park to park) and am a little disappointed about not being able to experience Diagon Alley at night.

Don’t be disappointed about Diagon Alley at night.

However - we haven’t gone during HHN - however my understanding is that there are “ZONES” so you can avoid them

I was there during HHN in 2015. We did not attend the event, but did tour at USF during the day. I really don’t feel that it was affected at all. Toward the end of the day, people were starting to line up in the various holding areas, but that didn’t affect us. As a matter of fact, one of the nights, we were able to get a wristband to allow us to stay in Diagon Alley an hour later even though we were not attending HHN. I don’t know if they do this often, and I have never read about it anywhere, but it enabled us to spend an extra hour in a nearly empty Diagon Alley because very few people were even aware of the fact that you could obtain the wristband. Once that hour was over, we were funneled directly to the Hogwarts Express and could only leave the park by that method, so as not to see any of the HHN stuff. I believe that the hotels are also very full, as HHN is a very popular event.

Are crowds lower during the day on HHN dates?

I went last October. Crowds were not bad but I was staying at Royal Pacific, so I do not know if I could tell. It was easy to walk through both parks.

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Cool! How/here did you get the wristband?

Howdy! I was there last October as well, and they didn’t do anything like this. In 2015, they had people standing outside Diagon Alley handing out the wristbands.