Avoid certain parks on certain days?

Are there any typical patterns with crowds on certain days of the weeks for the individual parks? Or general rules of thumb…avoid this park on a party day? Avoid this park if there are evening magic hours? etc. This park tends to be the most crowded on Monday type thing.

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Josh at easywdw.com published this a few weeks back. It gives you some info to help make your decisions.


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IMO, it really doesn’t matter that much - the most important thing is to have a good plan for the day you are intending to go. However, there are certain factors that matter - for example, if you want to see the MK fireworks show, then you would not want to go on a party day unless you also have party tickets. Beyond things like that, as long as you like your plan and it appears to hit everything you want to do, go for it!

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Josh is THE MAN! So there are two of us “double dating” then. I have to say I am with Josh when it comes to the touring plans here but the forum and chat is first class and well worth the subscription. We visit from the UK so are here for 14 nights and the advice is (mostly) brilliant.

Agree with others. It’s getting to the stage when it’s almost irrelevant apart from obvious thins like party days. MDE’s value (to Disney) is starting to kick in now they have years of data. They know where people will be and when. Low crowd days will feel quiet walking around but you’ll still wait 45 minutes for a ride because they far fewer cast members on. Conversely with a good plan you see Easter Sunday doing 7 rides by 10am, There are still one or two sweet spots in the calendar but they are getting fewer and fewer.