Aviaries in Animal Kingdom - and bird phobias!

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice about the Maharajah Jungle Trek and Pangani Forest Exploration Trail in Animal Kingdom. I notice in my Unofficial Guide that both include aviaries…are visitors and the birds completely free-range (so to speak) in these, or are visitors kept behind some kind of barrier or screen? Or alternatively is there a way to miss the aviary part of the trails?

Sounds rubbish I know but my problem is I have a bird phobia…I don’t want to miss the whole thing but equally not sure I can deal with being in very close proximity to lots of birds! ;o)

Apologies if this sounds like a stupid question but I’ve never been to Disney before and wanted to get a handle on what to expect at Animal Kingdom…

Many thanks

DW has a severe bird-phobia! There are walk around paths at both aviaries, or at least there were last time I went. She takes the walk around and I go through.

Thanks so much - that’s really good to know!

Except there are more free range birds outside the aviary than in.

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You might not want to visit Flights of Wonder, either. It’s a wonderful show, but some of the birds fly directly over the crowd.

We walked through both aviaries a few weeks ago, and between the two saw a total of 4 birds. like @Elaine5715 said, there are way more free range birds outside than in.

No, there is nothing separating you from the birds. Yes, there are walk-arounds. But as others have said most of the birds stay pretty well hidden in the trees and you have to really look to find them - except for the various ducks - which mostly just float around on the little ponds. But if you skip them, you won’t really miss very much…

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Thanks very much everyone!

Had to add this. 3 years ago, while eating our lunch at Flame Tree BBQ, a large bird (4 feet tall, but thin) stole a chicken drumstick right out of my daughters hand. The bird acted with amazing precision and it was gone before we even figured out what happened. She was shaken up, but unharmed. I am glad the bird flew off quick, because I wasn’t thrilled. Protect your food!!!

KEVIN! But I thought Kevin hung out with the small mailman and the one who smelled like prunes!

(Sorry. I’m a little punchy. One too many hits with the snake. We leave in a little over 3 hours, I fell asleep for two hours and now am wide awake, waiting for go time!!)


Back home after our holiday and just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted advice on here in answer to my questions - it was much appreciated! So… thank you :grinning: