Avg time in each EP Pavilion?

Revamping my Epcot plan and want a better estimate for my time. There are some pavilions that I know we’ll stay a little longer in, but for your average pavilion where you want to walk though, take a look, but not spend a lot of time in, would 20 minutes be realistic? On a crowd level 6 day? Doesn’t have to be down to the minute, just trying to get a rough idea. Been to MK a bunch but never EP and never with two kids in tow (although in stroller)


The time spent in World Showcase, especially at each country, is so individual that it’s hard to say. Our time spent there has hugely varied depending on who is in our party.

When it’s just adults or a solo trip, we tend to spend a lot more time there. Now with grands, when they were 2-4-4-7 (2 grands, 2 trips haha)- we actually never even got that far, landed up spending & enjoying so much time in Future World.

Our next (fam) trip I’m actually scheduling 2 days in EP, so that we can spend time doing Agent P (also maybe some other game, can’t remember name of it) in WS- since the grands will be at ages where I’m sure they’ll enjoy that & that way they’ll get more fun out of the countries.

I should add- 20 minutes sound like a good plan. Of course, the 2 rides there- Norway and Mexico- need to be set up with accuracy re wait times- but the rest of the Showcase can just be strolled through. With littles, you may not want to spend that much time in the shops. But if you’ve not been there yet, it’s worth taking that stroll I’d say.

My fave is Morocco, because it’s so beautifully presented. Japan is really cool too. If you like, you can stop for a snack anywhere along the way. I’m partial to Japanese ice cream, but a lot of folks would say the ice cream in France is the best there!

We (DH, DS8, DD14) can spend as much as an hour in Mexico. Kids will ride the boat over and over. DH and I get a couple of drinks from LaCava, watch the mariachi band, meet Donald. Both kids love to color the bears and talk to CM at each country. We watch the band in England too so easily 45 minutes there. Depends on what you want to see and do in each country. We do 2 days at Epcot. It is my kids favorite park.

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yeah, rides etc I have allotted extra time on their own. Just some pavilions like Canada we will do a walk thru but not really stop etc (we live in Maine so we go to the real thing often) and i know we’ll spend some time in UK, France, and China and Japan since my daughter has lots of interests in those. DD7 and DS4 so we’ll hit the high points but aren’t going to do too much shopping etc. b/c an easier day is worth more than anything we can buy :wink:

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There’s so much hidden in most pavilions that most people probably never see.

For example the temple in China is a replica of a genuine Sun temple, with intricate and ornate interiors. And there are gardens and shops hidden off down to the side. Most people will only look at the temple, maybe watch the acrobats and move on.

I think the only pavilion that doesn’t have any hidden features is America!

So it all depends on what interests you. Is WS just a shopping and dining destination, or do you want to look at the architecture? Every other pavilion aside from US and France really) is based on real places. Even Canada’s gardens, since you can’t go inside the building. I find it all fascinating. WS for me is a minimum of an hour in each.

So it’s such a personal thing that it’s impossible to answer. :grinning: But if you do just want to stroll round the lake and look just from the path, then the 20 minutes in the TPs is do-able. .

As others have stated, this is very individual.

I try to estimate an hour in each pavilion, I’ll go down to 45 minutes if I’m tight elsewhere. My kids are 1, 4, and 6 and LOVE WS. We let them lead and they explore all the little nooks and crannies. We also enjoy the Phineas and Ferb game and will stop to watch whatever entertainment is going on. I would rather have time to spare then feel rushed, but we never seem to get enough time in each country.


Per our experience 10 minutes gives you enough time to do the Kidcot activity in each country and leave…so, 20 minutes is more realistic for time. My DD8 wants to the Japan pavilion to shop & look around, so we will probably be there for an hour!! :slight_smile:

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Remember one thing when shopping the pavilions. Many things are very expensive and highly breakable. Germany comes to mind with glass blown objects and huge beer steins. China and Japan are other ones with highly breakable objects.

Yeah, we’re not even doing the kidcot b/c we all have the personality of having to finish what we start and then it ruins the time lol Mostly, just going to walk around, look at things, meet characters and watch some of the performances. My DH and I are being realistic and know we wont be doing a lot of shopping or lots of eating in all of the different countries b/c it’s about the kids and making them happy. He and I can do a trip by ourselves if we feel the need to come back :slight_smile:

Really hard to say. For example, if you want to see the American Adventure and the Voices of Liberty, America will take an hour or more. If you don’t want to see either of those, it’s a “walk past”. Except for the other films and the 2 rides, the amount of time you spend in each country is really a function of shopping and eating.

If you’re not dining and just looking 20 to 25 mins avg IMO