Avatar Trailer

These are my favorite occasions!

which will coordinate nicely with my inner darkness


This is what I said to my husband when we were watching the trailer! “Hey, I’ve been there!”

I wonder if that was intentional. I feel like Avatar is most relevant today to people who have been on FoP.


Agreed. I think they’re hoping to set off perpetual cross-promotion between park and movies.

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This is mind-boggling. I don’t care if you put me in hypnosis, I could never do this. My body wouldn’t allow it.

If that were 7 seconds, not minutes, I’m golden! :wink:

Actually, I find, oddly, that I can’t HOLD my breath for terribly long. Maybe 20 seconds? But when I’m singing, I can actually hold out a note for about a full minute if I’m really trying before I have to breathe.

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Cameron seems to have a thing about difficult underwater filming.

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