Avatar Land/Animal Kingdom at night

We’re going to Disney in the middle of August, and I just assumed we would be able to see Pandora at night. But Animal Kingdom is closing at either 8:30 or 9:00 the whole time we are there. Am I missing something? If it’s so breathtaking at night, why is AK closing so early?

Park hours are not finalized. Most likely they will be adjusted between July 13-16.

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Most likely they will be extended and when they do remember that FP will also open up so grab FOP at night.

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I thought of that! I wonder why they’re doing it that way.

I would presume it is easier to take the conservative hours approach and set your hours for absolute minimum attendance expected and then expand them as opposed to the opposite. If you start off and claim AK is open until 11PM every night and then decide attendance looks low and reduce it to 9PM you just upset a bunch of people and cancelled FP’s for many. Do the opposite and now you’re the hero as you’ve expanded hours over what the customer was promised and provide the opportunity for bonus FP’s. That’s a crowd pleaser as opposed to a dream killer that reducing hours would be…


I agree with this wholeheartedly!

also - even though it isn’t ‘full’ dark until around 8. ‘twilight’ starts at 6:30 so by 7 - 7:30 you will be getting the nighttime effect.

I just really want to thank you @PrincipalTinker for this reminder to check park hours again. We are traveling in August (a first) and just booked a few weeks ago (another first - typically we plan 8 months out). I saw your comment a few weeks ago and made a mental note to check park times again this week - and yippee!! We’ve got more time in the evenings. Thank you!!


Oh! Have they dropped more FPs yet? Yay!

They just extended AK hours sometime today and ALL the Flight of Passage fast passes are gone! (Aug. 12-16.)

They usually do not release the extras for one to four days.

@lizzney22, there are reports of FoP FPs availability today!

@dawnseshadri check right now

I bet you’re right, PrincipalTinker. The whole site is down right now!

I just watched a Youtube video of the queue-ing area. Holy cow, it looked fantastic! Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a time with a short wait time. You wanna know the kicker? It’s a 3D-glasses ride and I’m blind in one eye. :wink::wink::wink:

BTW, the Disneyworld site is REALLY down. I’m not even getting that error page with Stitch.

Yesterday I could only log in with Explorer

Thanks! The was up for me a few minutes ago. I snagged FoP a week or so ago - no idea how - just dumb luck. Still checking for SDD though.

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