Avatar Help Needed

I keep trying to add my picture as my Avatar, and it’s not working. Anyone have suggestions??

Are you on a PC or phone? I can try to help, or maybe @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 might have some suggestions. I need a good go-to list of tech-knowledgeable people to tag for questions like these!!

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Thanks for the vote of confidence @SallyEpp_cot but I’m afraid I’m not sure how. If you are getting to the point of where you select it and it’s just not uploading i’m not really sure. Maybe try a different browser? that seems to be fixing some things around here.

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It was kinda a pain on the phone, but I was able to do it.

Be sure that you click on the radio (circle) button for using your own pic (I forget the actual terminology).

Hold on. Let me try to change mine on my phone and capture some screen caps for you.

Ok. I didn’t change it but got some screen caps for you.

Click on your current avatar


Then scroll down a bit and you’ll see this a pencil next to your avatar. Click on that.

Then you’ll get this dialog box. Make sure you click on the radio button for using your own picture. Then click on upload a picture. You’ll be able to choose from your Camera Roll on your phone.

Once it’s uploaded, click on SAVE CHANGES.

Then scroll to the bottom of your PREFERENCES and click on SAVE CHANGES again.

I hope this helps. It’s not pretty on the phone. @ATbeliever

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Thanks for doing that for me, @darth! Unfortunately, I had tried it that way on my PC, and now on my phone. (LG2) still no pic!

I wonder if the pic was too big… @daybreaker are there limitations now on pics and images? Maybe for the avatars?

When I try to add apic from my phone it often says it cannot determine it size and asks if my file is corrupt.

I had an issue with file size. Can you try cropping the pic you want to use to a smaller size?

Wow @Darth_DopeyD73. I’m impressed.


Thanks @SallyEpp_cot. I was a project manager for web design in my more youthful years. I still get a little buzz when helping out :blush:

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I wasn’t able to do it on my phone, but was successful on my PC after the 2nd try. Did it once and it didn’t recognize it the next time I came onto the forum, but it has worked since the 2nd time I added it. Good luck!

I like to help too, but I’m better at finding lost sandals and remembering the name…of that guy…in that movie.


Great explanation, @Darth_DopeyD73. I’m going to try to tag @LuvMuppets, who was asking me earlier how to change the avatar pic. If I tag her like that, will she get notified to come look at this thread? :frog:

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I think it worked! Did it?


Why do I have no avatar showing up now?

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