Avatar Flights of Passage FP+

Is there a chance of being able to change our Avatar Flights of Passage 6:30 pm FP+ to an earlier time if I keep looking continuously?

Yes. If all else fails, you’ll be able to do it on the day at one of the same day drops (11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01).

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Why do you want them earlier?

We are rope dropping and our other 2 FP’s are at 10am and 11am. This is for July.

what about if I got on tomorrow at 7am like that was my 60 day day (today was our 60 day)…and went straight to our AK day and tried to move it…are there more released each day for people reaching their 60 day window? I hope I am making sense!!

I have the same problem with mine. I’ve been trying to refresh and change everyday when I have a few moments, but no luck yet. I’m hoping to have more luck the day of.

No there aren’t more released each day. You’ll be waiting for people to drop theirs when their plans change.

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bummer! I thought that idea was brilliant!!!

There’s always a chance, but be prepared to not get it changed. I had a 7:10pm FOP FP that I tried every trick to change including paying roaming charges that day so I could check/stalk the MDE for drops at just the right time, well just about all my free time. My family was getting so annoyed with me, as I’m usually the one telling them to put the phone away.

Anyway, I scheduled my day so it would take all that time to do stuff, but that it wasn’t onerous. Yes, we arrived at 7:38AM, did RD of FOP, just in case we hated it and wouldn’t have to stick around for the FP, or in case we loved it and had incentive to stick around for the FP. Then we worked our way slowly around the park. We did a Caring for Giants tour, which took awhile, did the pathway walks, did Nemo and Lion King, so those took awhile. Planned our dinner there and before we knew it, it was time to go for our FPs. The key was pacing ourselves, having an ice cream break, doing lots of sitting things (shows) in between the walking. It all worked out, but we were definitely glad for the tram back to our car.

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I’m in the same boat. Use fp4me.com . I have used this service and so far I have been able to move one of my fastpasses to an earlier time. Hoping to have the same luck with Slinky Dog and Flight of Passage. Last resort would be to be on my phone continuously on the day of since people will most likely be changing their plans.


Unfortunately, fp4me is currently taking people on a waitlist. I’m on it, but since we are under the 2 week mark, doubt I’ll get in in a useful amount of time.

I’ve joined the waitlist, I’ve got 10 days till FPs - so I don’t know if I’m going to need any but I hear it’s taking at least 4 weeks so there was no point waiting till afterwards.

Oh wow!! I didn’t know FPforme existed!! I joined waitlist…hopefully will get on by July…I don’t understand the FP logic…so people that get to go on tomorrow morning for FP at 60 days are going to have nothing on my week unless they want evening for the top rides…

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It depends how long they are staying. If they are going for a 6+ night visit, I suspect they will be able to find FOP and SDD FP+ for morning times toward the end of their trip. On my last visit, I was able to get a late morning FOP for 60+4 when I logged on at 7:00 am.

That’s the way it is for everyone - the most popular rides aren’t available at all for the first few days because they’ve already been booked by other people, then for a day or two only evening times are available, and by day 5 or 6 most times are open.

I got my FOP FP with 2 weeks left to go. But I got mine by stalking the MDE. I think the closer things get, people start to firm up their plans and change them when something isn’t working out. So, you never know.


I also had to move up my FOP time and used fp4me (this was prior to waitlist). It worked but getting the time to show up in MDE was goofy. I had to sign out and back in a couple times for the available time to pop up. It worked a little better on the desktop version vs. the app.

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Unfortunately, the drops aren’t guaranteed especially if FOP goes offline earlier in the day. That happened to us on May 5th.

I know they’re not guaranteed but it’s very rare that there are none at all, even if they don’t all happen.