Availability ('Ohana, Space 220)

Just an availability note. I was booking 'Ohana dinner this morning at 60+10 (Aug 23). Availability was fine, even now (8:30am eastern) pretty much every dinner time slot is open for a group of 6.

I also checked Space 220 because I’ll be attempting that tomorrow. It currently has good lunch & dinner availability for Aug 23 too. Lounge is gone now, but at 6:10am there was lots available.

So, my conclusion: It’s not seconds-count level stressful if your dates are up soon.


It definitely seems to have gotten better recently.


It will be interesting to find out the impact - if any - of the dining plan returning after the first of the year. (or the 9th, as it were)

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It will definitely affect the expensive 1 credits most I assume. I do think one of the reasons for the delay of DDP was they needed to have availability decent again or people would complain they couldn’t book anything with their credits.

I have been kind of living under a WDW rock lately but resurfacing starting to think about our spring break trip next year. What do you guys think is going on here? 1) changes to the res system, 2) Fully staffed now so more capacity, 3) Demand is slowing and we are about to see much lower crowd levels, 4) Other?


All of the above!

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More restaurants are open now. I think that was the biggest factor. And now demand seems to be tapering off. I’m the case of Space it seems like many are eager to try it but it’s one and done so if they’ve done it already they’re not going back.

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I second this. It was cool but removed a lot of availability on my amex that I’ll spend somewhere else next time.

Yep, it’s cool but it’s now lounge seating or nothing for me. One G and T, stare at space window for 20 minutes and enjoy the AC, pay tab and go.

And you’re not alone, obviously, since lounge ADR’s are the hardest to get. But I guess there’s fewer tables too. Anyway, we’ll do our one-and-done and hopefully not regret it… I don’t want a tiny table and also don’t want to stand around waiting if all the larger lounge tables are occupied. I booked the last lunch slot so we pay lunch prices, and we’ll snack around WS all evening.

I don’t think you will. I didn’t. Everybody (including DDs 14, 11, 7) enjoyed the views, ambiance, food, and drinks. If they changed the menu so I could get out of there at 1/2 the price, I’d go back. We almost dropped 100/person and it’s just not worth that much more than once.


Agree! We are glad we did it. Don’t regret the experience a bit and the food was great, but I don’t need to spend that much on a meal every time.