Availability at 7mo for BCV and Poly

Right now there is availability for studios at both BCV and Poly for late May. If I book now, I’ll pay $27/pt but if I wait about 3 weeks to enter the 7-month window, its only $19/pt.

What are the chances those get booked up in the next few weeks?

If still available, how fast will they book up on the day of the 7-month window opening up?

Poly will not book up right away. BCV will go quickly. The person booking formyou might have to be good.

But you could do choice 1 and then choice?

ETA and BCV may book up over the next weeks before the window. I have had that happen to me.


Also, I’m assuming that once they are gone the only way I’m likely to get them would be from an already confirmed booking? It’s been a few years since I’ve booked DVC so just don’t remember how it works - I remember something about points going into holding for canceled reservations.

Here are BCV availability charts:


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If someone cancels in the last 30 days points go into holding so often confirmed reservations pop up.

Private owners might also set up a waitlist if you book from them but they might also charge you for that.


Agree with @PrincipalTinker about wiat list being an option, but also not really an option.

If I were booking at 7 months for myself, I would waitlist BCV. Typically my waitlists right at 7 months come through. But if I were renting points, I wouldn’t do it because those points would now be “spoken for” without me actually having rented them - its risky with no real upside.