Automatic Room Request for BLT

Has anyone had good luck with the auto room request for BLT? I already made 2 special requests on the reservation with WDW, and I don’t want to cause confusion. Last time, they ignored my requests, and treatment from front desk staff @ Contemporary was not very “magical”.

I’ve done the room request at BLT twice (once through Disney and once through TP) and I got nowhere close either time.
Hoping for better luck next time!

We’re at BLT now. Requested specific rooms through Disney reservations after looking at the TP room selector. My request was 8016,8020,8022 on 10th floor or the same rooms on 11th floor. We got 7930 instead. So…nowhere near where we requested. I even called the day before arrival to confirm my requests.

Anyway, we are satisfied with the room even though we know it could have been better. I’ll post photos from this room when we get home so others can see.

Agree that the Contemporary staff is not up to par on the customer service level!

We used TP room request. I requested 12th floor (we were in a studio, lake view so choice is limited already). We got 14th floor, which was measurably better view-wise. We were assigned 8406 which not only had a lake view, but also Magic Kingdom view. (check it out on the room finder).

The drawback to this location was that it seemed a million miles removed from everything. It was a long walk to the elevators and an even longer walk to the Contemporary for any amenities there (monorail, food court, shops…)

Last note: we travel in January, so it’s value season and probably the best chance of having a room request fulfilled. I can’t say they didn’t give me what I asked for, and probably gave us the best available with respect to the view.