Do the characters carry pens/markers for autographs or do we need to have some with us? My boys have autograph books ready to go. We leave tomorrow and I’m pretty sure we’ve packed our whole house up, so what difference will 2 extra markers make? Haha!

Pretty sure you need to bring your own. Have fun!

We bring clickable sharpies. No caps to lose


Don’t bring green - the color apparently stains badly and some characters won’t sign with it. Also, go for the bigger sharpies so fur characters can write with their padded hands.

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Also depends on what you’re getting signed. If it’s paper based, sharpies are fine. If it’s a hat, shirt, tote bag, etc., consider using fabric markers instead.

I usually buy a multi-color pack of whatever before we go and carry them in my fanny pack - that way I can get the right color for the right character (except green as noted above).

Yes you need to supply the pen or marker. As noted avoid green.

Have a safe journey and a magical trip.

Thank you, all! We bought some (no green, whew!) and we are having them sign a mat for a picture frame and autograph books. Today, I learned from a friend that the photographers have markers, but she said its easier if we bring our own.