Autograph pillowcases

I had pillowcases made for our trip to get autographs. I am wondering do I need to have a piece of cardboard or something to go in the pillowcase for them to have a hard surface to sign?

I have been considering doing this for the next trip. I’m thinking cardboard or a clip board. Cardboard might be better since you can cut it down to a small size.

You might also consider an embroidery hoop with a piece of cardboard underneath.

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I would suggest something - anything to make it easy for them. When we took a cruise - I took a picture frame matt. And then we have all the character signatures around a great picture of us.

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Highly recommend using an embroidery hoop, and make sure you use real fabric markers, not sharpies. (Sharpies will bleed more and are more likely to wash out.)

I actually bought fabric sharpies. So they are sharpie brand, but they specifically say Fabric on them, so hope they will be good.

Those will be great-- it’s just the regular sharpies that will bleed. My daughters had so much fun doing autographed pillowcases, and they still look great years later. You’ll love it!

Thank you so much!