Autograph books for kids

Heading down for our kids’ (5 and 3) first visit next month, and was wondering whether you guys typically buy autograph books ahead of time or at the parks/resort? I figure I will probably have to get one for each child to prevent any fights or meltdowns.

I got one for each from Etsy. It’s pretty simple but it worked fine. Gave it to them as a Tinkerbell present.

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I really like the ‘Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters’. It has great write-ups on most of the characters, the characters can sign on their own page, and the newest versions are hardcover and hold up very well. People have even made up additional pages for some of the other M&G characters that aren’t included (like Mary Poppins).


We typically get them in the park. They have them at kiosks / booths right at or inside the main gate of each park. It would save money to get them in advance, but I often forget or just don’t mind paying the extra to get an “official” book at the park.

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My wife makes our autograph books on Shutterfly. It’s reasonably priced, user friendly, and allows her to include pictures from past trips which the characters can sign next to.


I bought one like this off Amazon:

Identical to the ones you buy in the parks but cheaper. There are others that are even more affordable. I mostly bought it ahead of time to avoid having to spend time in the parks buying one - it’s not that much savings.

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This reminded me that Shop Disney is having their Black Friday sale already. The version @Jeff_AZ mentioned isn’t on sale but the 2019 autograph / photo album is marked down.

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This is what we are doing!

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We used this one also. The kids really enjoy looking at it too before and after the trip!

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Lots of sellers on etsy. We got some last year that had a sleeve for a picture to be added on every page adjacent to the autograph page. They were maybe $12 each and personalized with kids’ name and year on the cover. Lots of designs to choose from.

We bought ours from the Disney Store. Cute and simple. However, looking back, any little cute book is fine. But for our 2nd trip we are not getting an autograph book. I prefer to interact with the characters rather than use up the time asking them to sign a book. It nice have that book after the first trip though.

I’ve seen a few options on Amazon. I plan to buy one with photo inserts before we go. That way we can insert our Memory Maker pictures with the characters in with the signatures so my 4yo daughter actually knows who’s signature is who’s.

I see that these are actually more expensive than buying in the park. We actually bought them ahead through online Disney store when they were on sale. Otherwise I would just buy from the resort.

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Yeah I must have bought when they were cheaper.