Aunt Polly's for Memorial Day?

A bucket list item for me is a visit to Aunt Polly’s. Any chance they will open that up during Memorial Day Weekend?

Probably not likely, but can’t know until Disney announces so. Usually opens for the busiest times, such as Spring Break and Christmas.

But to “experience” it, you could bring some food with you over to the Island and then camp out on the porch for your own lunch. We’ve done that before.

The last time I’ve been to Aunt Polly’s (when it was open), I was a kid!

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Yep we ate there on our first trip, 1992. I’ve never seen it open since.

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Great idea. I guess I need to decide if I want to say that I was there, or say that I ate something from there.

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On my list too and am thinking for October trip, highly doubtful. But if I decide to go over to Tom Sawyer Island, I’ll take my own food over if Aunt Polly’s is not open

Well – Aunt Polly’s WAS open when we were there on March 23rd. CL was an 8 or 9, so I’m not sure if they opened it because they were expecting crowds or what, but… I’d say there’s a chance it’ll be open then! (It was a pretty nice spot to stop and have a snack :slight_smile: )

That was an announced temporary opening to handle spring break crowds, though. Memorial Day crowds aren’t traditionally terribly busy, so it is iffy.

That’s kind of surprising that Memorial Day crowds aren’t as busy. I’d expect the opposite. Huh!

In any case, it was a nice surprise that it was open – I hadn’t planned on us eating there, but when we were on Tom Sawyer’s Island we were peckish and sat down for a snack there. It was an extremely pleasant spot to sit and decompress for a bit.

I know. I agree. But the same holds true at other amusement parks as well. People really tend to keep Memorial Day a day devoted to family and such, it seems. Tends to be a decent time to go to amusement parks!

Have you heard this nursery rhyme?

I don’t believe so.

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It was open this past Spring Break. Wish would have gone. We cut out trip short by about 2.5 days. That was one of the things that got cut. :unamused: