Aulani timeline

We procrastinated on reservations for our Aulani trip next month (2020 PTSD when we had to keep “rescheduling”). Now we are realizing that Aulani has its own timeline for everything and we missed out on some things. Might be helpful to include a timeline somewhere in this forum for Aulani…

6 months or earlier: book hotel, book flight, book ground transportation, book luau
(The only luau openings I found yesterday were in November and the cast member laughed at me when I asked about it)

3 months: book spa (808-684-6300), book back up restaurants (Four Seasons, Marriott or non-Ko Olina) in case you don’t get Aulani reservations at the 30 day mark (AMA AMA seems to be closed for a while so the only true table service is Makahiki bc Off the Hook and Olelo have more apps than true entrees. Food options to guest ratio is not great at Aulani, especially for those of us with food allergies)

30 days before each Aulani day: book each Aulani restaurant reservation 808-674-6200

14 days before each Aulani day at 12:01 HST: book Aunty’s Beach House. Apparently it “sells out” in minutes

What’s missing or wrong from the above list?

As east coasters, committing to times for meals and entertainment is daunting with a seven year old whose jet lag is unpredictable. Even if we get reservations it feels like we might not enjoy them if our body clocks are too tired or hungry. Would love any tips for this!!


Thank you for this information. We were there last fall when proof of vaccination was required still and most things were shut down. We are going back again this fall w/ DGS and will start looking into booking somethings now :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Is this the luau at Aulani or another one? So is that at 180 days it’s available?

That is good information. We went in 2021 and many things weren’t open. I had no idea how crazy it was to book things there.

Seems so. Look on the website. There’s online booking.

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We were only interested in the Ukulele lessons and painting, and you had to RD the community center to sign up the same day of classes; NOPE. I hope it’s not the same when we return. and I won’t pay the insane fee they want for the Lu-au

What time is community center rope drop? Crazy that it’s this low of supply for the demand that’s there.

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the site says they open at 0800

I know, right :exploding_head: :triumph:

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I was able to book next summer Aug 2023 in May of 2022 so I highly suggest booking as soon as you can. I am going to try to rent points at the 11-month mark and if I can secure them I’ll cancel the $1000 more expensive direct rate for our stay.

Thanks for the info! I’ve favorited this link for as we get closer.

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One more thing to add to the timeline…you have to pre-register for Aunty’s before your 14 day mark. I don’t know how early you can do it but we did it somewhere around the 35 day mark.