Aulani Lu’au?

I realize not DL but couldn’t figure out where to post. Do I need to reserve the Aulani Lu’au in advance or can you get in day of???

The Aulani official website says “advance reservations are required.” However I looked up some reviews and it looks like they are mixed. A lot of people suggest going to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the north shore instead.

I’ve stayed at Aulani once for a few nights and found the accommodations, grounds, pool, and beach to be top notch, but the entertainment and food was pricey even by Hawaiian standards so we went elsewhere when possible.

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Thank You Jeff! We are staying a few nights but I was hoping to see how we were feeling about it once we get there. We also have 4 days on another island so many choices if we can’t get in day of.

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