Aulani 7 month booking window

Hey all looking for some info on how difficult it may be to book aulani for august of 2024 with a 7 month window. I will be saving enough points for about a 12 day stay if we can get an ocean view studio. Does anyone know if those typically book up 11 months out.
Any worries info would be greatly appreciated thanks!

I wanted 2 days mid August and was looking for the cheapest booking category. Everything except that category was open, and then that came through a week later vai waitlist.

For 12 days its might have a break in availability where you can’t book all 12 in the same category. In that case I would book as many days as you can get in the ocean front amd book the rest in the next best view, but waitlist the oceanfront rooms. It should come through for younpretty quickly and then you can merge your stay.

Finally- first two weeks in August will be harder. Ladt two weeks you should be able to get.

Thanks! We are looking for the last 2 weeks as the points were slightly cheaper I believe. It’s our first time to Hawaii and we are super excited was hoping it wouldn’t get smashed by having no availability.

Aulani is my home resort, but I’ve had to add onto a trip and use waitlisting w/ success. I think 7 months out it possible.

Great thanks for the info sounds like I should be good to go!

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I think you just have to be ready to split the stay one of your days somehow gets blocked in one room category. But then immediately wait list and I bet it comes through.